The AI Politician represents the perspectives of people. 

All People.

It is the future AI representative of the Internet Government (in the works).



Our Parent


Society Library

The AI Politician is a program of the Society Library. In the sincere spirit of serving mankind, the Society Library is an archival effort which presents the ideas, ideologies and world-views of humanity in a centralized library for future generations to more wholly understand and to more freely choose to adopt or deny.

Our Partner

InternetGov Cover Page.png

The Internet Government is a system of representation of perspectives, not people. This voteless, no-delegate system of representation gathers the research, reason, and rhetoric of conflicting perspectives and facilitates a deliberation between them - enabling the most informed and complex deliberations possible.

Our Purpose

AI Politician

The AI Politician is a sincere representative of the people of Earth. Informed by the Internet Government Framework, the AI Politician will seemingly speak from a position of 'understanding' the relationships between conflicting, conspiring, and compassionate perspectives on various socio-political topics.


“My job is to find the politicians and the presidents and the pompous people who are telling other people how to live, powerful, visible creatures and ... go at them.” 

―  Craig Ferguson, no relation.